Required Documentation
Fisea is not able to offer advice regarding visas, passports or health requirements for international travelers. Please check with your country’s consulate office for the most up-to-date details. Some of our tours do require specific identification, such as a valid fishermen's license. These requirements will be found on the tour's page under 'Overview'.
Travel Insurance
While travel insurance is not required, we highly recommend that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy prior to departure to protect your travel purchases.
Making a Reservation
Fisea is only able to take bookings either via our website, via email or over the phone. We don’t currently have offices that accept in-person or onsite bookings.
Tour Inclusions
All tours on are offered "as is". We are unable to make any changes to itineraries listed. We mostly offer private tours. This means that your group will be the only participants along with your guide. Private tours may occasionally offer more flexibility around the pace and itinerary. Be sure to read all itineraries and inclusions to find the one that's best for you or just drop us a message and we will find you the ideal travel package.
Animal Cruelty Prevention
Fisea takes animal welfare very seriously. All of our tours that involve animals are thoroughly evaluated to ensure adherence to the ABTA Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism.
Feedback and Suggestions
You want to share your thoughts with us? Just shout through your megaphone and we'll hear you. On second thought, you can share your thoughts with us by email at Please tell us anything and everything. We take your comments seriously and use them to help make Fisea a better, more helpful site for you.
COVID-19 Updates
On 11 March, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, to be a global pandemic. Since then, the outbreak has evolved rapidly, with governments around the world taking swift action to slow the spread of COVID-19. Fisea’s mission is to give the whole world access to incredible fishing experiences. Even in challenging times, we remain fully committed to that mission and running our operations as usual. Your life has not stopped, and neither has ours. We continue to have you at the center of what we do. Thus, we have increased the flexibility of our refund policy. On 11 March, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, to be a global pandemic. Since then, the outbreak has evolved rapidly, with governments around the world taking swift action to slow the spread of COVID-19. We’re regularly publishing up-to-date information on affected destinations and points of interest for travelers. Finally, our customer service team continues to reply promptly to all customer inquiries. When COVID-19 passes, we are confident that travelers’ appetite to explore the world will come back stronger than ever. Until then, we will leverage the knowledge and global insights to help any way we can. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for support at
Cancel a Reservation
Please contact us to cancel your reservation. Have your booking number and name under the booking ready when you call/message us. We will then use this information to cancel the reservation. Please be aware that cancellation policies are specific to your activity.
Bad Weather
Outdoor activities involve being outdoors! Most of our activities are weather-dependent. This means some won't take place if for example, there is rain, or if there is too much waves, etc. The weather conditions will be specific to each activity. Only the fishermen/captain/skipper has the final call when it comes to cancelling or maintaining an activity. Fisea will reach out to you to let you know (unless indicated otherwise in your confirmation email). If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us directly. If we do need to cancel, we will then try to reschedule the activity with you. If a reschedule is not possible, you will be entitled to a full refund, as per Fisea's Refund Policy.
Confirmation Email
Within 24 hours of your recervation you will receive a confirmation email with information about your activity. You don't have to print the confirmation. The digital version on your cell phone is sufficient.
Contact the Fishermen/Captain/Skipper
The instructor's contact details are indicated in the PDF summary of the confirmation email that was sent when your reservation was confirmed.
Meeting Point
You can find the meeting point in the activity's page, as well as the PDF summary attached in the confirmation email.
Suggested Clothing
Comfortable sportswear and closed-toe shoes work well for fishing activities. Flip-flops are not suitable for sports activities. If you have long hair, it is best to tie it up during the activity. For activities in water please take into consideration that you might get additional equipment. Hence, being dressed in layers will help you to change quickly and figure out on spot in what layer you feel the most comfortable. Please also note that some activities require you to wear specific clothes or bring along certain equipment. You will find this info in the activity description online as well as in the PDF summary of the confirmation email.
Cookies & Tracking
Your visits are tracked via cookies which helps in ensuring a quality of service. A cookie consists of information. When you visit a website, the website sends the cookie to your computer. Your computer then stores it in a file located inside your web browser. Our cookies are active for our entire site for 31 days. In recent news, Google revealed plans to block third party cookies across its Chrome browser by 2022. Fisea works only with 1st party cookies, therefore not affected by those changes.