Lazio, a Land full of Charm and Mystery


Lazio is a land full of charm and mystery with ancient treasures and volcanic lakes, where all the boundless beauties of the natural landscape are mixed. Sperlonga, a beautiful seaside town to the south of Rome, is an example of such a scenic attraction.⁣ ⁣

One route that travelers often prefer to follow is the one that starts from the ancient Via Flaminia (from the centre of Rome) all the way to the Lido di Ostia. Through this trip you get in touch with the rich heritage of western Rome such as Ostia Antica’s remarkable ruins. And it all comes to an end with a fishing trip at Tyrrhenian Sea.

⁣On your future trip, immerse yourself in the Italian culture before capturing your next round of memory snaps as the sun falls.⁣⁣

Photo: Ilenia F.⁣