Lighthouse of the Old Port of Chania, the Most Recognizable Point of the City


Although bombed and burned several times in its long history️, the old town of Chania is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. In the picturesque alleys with beautiful shops the traveler can meet samples of all the cultures that passed through Crete.⁣

The lighthouse of the old port of Chania is the most recognizable point of the city, posing to all travel guides of Crete. The history of this lighthouse dates back a long time, although its current form was taken by the Egyptians in the 19th century. Although called “Egyptian”, it was built by the Venetians in the late 16th century. It was founded on natural rock and initially functioned as an open flame torch. It is 21 meters high and its light covers a distance of seven miles. It is the oldest surviving to this day, not only on Greek beaches but also in the Mediterranean, and one of the oldest in the world.⁣
Photos by: @airquadr