Serifos, A Place That Will Impress You


In Serifos you will meet places that will impress you. The picturesque Chora perched on the rock, whose view is breathtaking as soon as you see it and waiting to be discovered, the villages of Galani, Kentarchos or Kallitsos and Sykamia built on the slopes of the hills, the cosmopolitan Livadi Port that gathers almost the whole life and fun, Koutalas with his small stone houses, Mega Livadi with the imposing ruins of the mining era and the neoclassical headquarters of the mining company.⁣

The best time to go to Serifos is between mid-June and early September as although beautiful, Serifos is not extremely touristy and during these months you will be able to be better served by transport and other services offered by most of the tourist shops of the island. However, there are many beautiful beaches for swimming and fishing near them, even though they are not all organized.⁣

Photo: @gp_spawn