Welcome to Villanova


From the shades of the sea to the lively tourist port: the beach of Villanova appears a few steps away from the “white town”. The green water shades of the Adriatic Sea and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub wash the beach of Villanova, awarded the Blue Flag and the 5 Sails (a prize given to the most beautiful beaches) of Legambiente (Italian environment protection association).

The marina of Ostuni, in the Itria Valley, is located nearby the ancient Trajan Way, where there used to be the old Petrolla, then called Villanova.
Private and public beaches alternate along the beaches with white sand, washed by the blue water and spaced out by cliffs, while on the background there are the dunes covered with Mediterranean scrub.

The small village, a perfect scenery for an aperitif or an ice-cream after dinner, boasts a tourist port, the dock for fishermen’s boats and small yachts, on which stands the castle built by the Angevin. Nearby, there is everything you need for your holiday: cafes and restaurants, campsites and hotels.